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Creating Permanently Affordable Homeownership with CLTs

Written for local elected officials and housing program administrators, this chapter explains how Community Land Trusts operate and places them within a continuum of other policy alternatives.

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Commercial Development Training Program

I developed this series of day long and multi-day workshops to help community development corporations and local governments understand the unique challenges associated with neighborhood retail development.

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Understanding Subsidy Retention

I created this interactive tutorial on the economics of permanently affordable housing after trying to explain these concepts to small groups with static PowerPoint slides.

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EastLake Revitalization Plan

The EastLake Main Street Strategy outlined overall goals of this effort, identified key stakeholders whose support would be essential and spelled out a 3-year workplan and budget. This plan led directly to multi-year funding commitments from four funders.

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Multi-Lingual Welfare to Work Collaboration

I coordinated a community planning process focused on the challenge of welfare to work. The process involved 35 social service agencies serving two Oakland neighborhoods. The collaboration secured over $2.5 million from 9 funding sources for a pilot program.

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