Shelterforce: Neighborhood Improvement Can Prevent Gentrification

Alan Mallach’s blog post, "Hung Up on Gentrification? Don’t Be" [...]

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Brookings: Retail Trade as a Path to Neighborhood Revitalization

Does retail development lead to residential change or the other way around? In this chapter we evaluate data on changing neighborhoods which suggests that retail revitalization can actually help prevent gentrification.

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Economic Development and Health Toolkit

This toolkit developed for the Public Health Institute's Land Use and Health Program is designed to provide an overview of Economic Development and Redevelopment issues for health advocates seeking new food stores in low income communities.

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Grocery Store Attraction Symposium

This one-day workshop/discussion brought together local government staff, community advocates, economic development practitioners, and others who are working to bring healthy food retailers to underserved, low-income, urban, or rural communities.

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Commercial Revitalization Planning Guide

This hands on guidebook is filled with detailed direction that will provide practitioners with a starting point for organizing comprehensive commercial district revitalization efforts.

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Commercial Development Training Program

I developed this series of day long and multi-day workshops to help community development corporations and local governments understand the unique challenges associated with neighborhood retail development.

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