Economic Development for Public Health Advocates

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This toolkit developed for the Public Health Institute’s Land Use and Health Program is designed to provide an overview of Economic Development and Redevelopment issues for health advocates seeking new food stores in low income communities.

Section I: Introduction to Economic Development, Redevelopment, and Health

1. Introduction to this Toolkit
2. The Connection Between Economic Development and Health
3. Why Do So Many Communities Lack Access to Healthy Food?
4. Developing a Strategy

Section II: Economic Development

5. What is Community Economic Development?
6. Types of Community Economic Development Programs
7. Economic Development Institutions
8. Financing Sources

Section III: Redevelopment

9. Overview of Redevelopment Law
10. Legal Requirements for Redevelopment
11. Introduction to Tax Increment Financing
12. Introduction to Eminent Domain
13. Support for Economic Development Projects
14. Final Points

Section IV: Strategies for Participation

15. Building Community Support
16. Data Collection
17. Model Redevelopment Resolution
18. Communicating with Public Officials

Section V: Appendices

Appendix 1: Sample Market Research Consultant Request for Proposals
Appendix 2: Redevelopment Agency Model Resolution
Appendix 3: Resources